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Problem Solving Experts

Experts in manufacturing and fabrication automation. We leverage our experience for you.

You’ll benefit from the breadth and depth of knowledge of our Applications Engineers. Beyond knowing what it’s like to be in your shoes, they have a profound understanding of how the software works in hundreds of manufacturing sites with thousands of machine tools. All have decades of experience with nesting solutions across the spectrum of fabrication environments; your best resources for reactive and proactive help.

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Easy to Use Web Support Tools

We work with you through secure networked connections and with webinar tools to troubleshoot problems faster and easier.

We have the tools to give you the live support you need. Over the years, we have developed data extraction tools and massive automatic testing systems that help us get your problem fixed right. You control when we are accessing your system to avoid security concerns. And since our communication tools are web based, you do not need to have a special program for top level support with Optimation®.

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OptiUsers Conference

No other nesting and CNC software provider believes as we do in the power of connecting with their users. The Conference is a powerful tool.

Our Annual Users Conference brings together our customers – online and in person – to learn about new advances and share ideas on process improvements. Universally applauded as time well spent, guests walk away with ideas they can put to use immediately.

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Continuous Improvement Program

Never being satisfied with “enough”, we find that there is always room for more cost cutting, more savings. We partner with you to continuously improve.

Optimation believes in an ongoing process of continuous improvement for ourselves and our customer-partners. It is our intent to frame a program of ongoing dialogue and analysis to better the operational productivity and improve the bottom line of each client.

Our approach centers on:

  • An organized method of identifying improvement opportunities
  • A method of quantifying the cost reduction from the improvements
  • A program to improve customer productivity on a continuous basis

While a thorough discussion of your needs, your circumstances, and your expectations is the first step in the process of continuous improvement, a general overview of where improvement opportunities may lie for you may be helpful.

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Free Upgrades

All improvements and bug fixes to purchased products are included. We issue a major release once per year. (We have found that more frequent releases are disruptive and annoying.)

No Interruption

The new release will be installed and tested with your data and equipment at no additional charge and without interruption to your production. Each release is accompanied with Release Notes that describe the new capability of the software. Assistance to implement the new features is just a phone call away.

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Free 24-Hour Emergency Support

We understand there are times when at 2:00 a.m., production stops, and you need answers. Now! That’s why we include 24-hour emergency phone support as a part of every maintenance and support contract. One of our experienced Applications Engineers is always available to work through any issues, and get you back in production. So you can rest assured, we’ll be there when you need us.

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Free Classroom Training

Maintenance customers have unlimited free training at our office. Our products are very robust and have many features and capabilities. Attending a training class customized to your equipment and using your parts, will allow you to discover new cost saving methods and tools. Customers that come to training leave with cost savings well above their expectations.

Sometimes staffing changes prompt training. When a new team member is on board, maintenance customers can send them to Optimation® headquarters for intensive one-on-one training to bring them up to speed quickly.

Onsite Training
Can’t get away from the shop? We’ll come to you. While on maintenance, we’ll visit your shop and provide customized training one-on-one.

Free Online Training
We understand that there are times when time and workload doesn’t permit focusing a day or two on training. Therefore, you can take advantage of our free monthly online classes. Pick up tips and learn about features you may not be familiar with in a quick one hour class at your desk. And bring your associates; each online class can handle up to 15 students per session.

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Free Unlimited Phone Support

Perhaps the most valuable service that Optimation® offers to its Maintenance Customers is experienced professional help. This help includes problem solving and creative solutions to manufacturing needs. Because we have the advantage of years of experience with thousands of machines and millions of manufactured parts, we have a vast store of knowledge to solve problems and find better ways to get jobs done.

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Free Rehosting/Platform Changes

It is a certainty that there will be new technology released in the future. Unlike many other suppliers of software, we have developed a platform and operating system independent product.

As new operating systems and new computer technology is developed, we stay current. At the same time, we maintain platform compliance with existing technologies.

While the work of re-hosting a site is not included in the Maintenance contract, the modification of the product to make it compatible is included. Upgrades to your existing operating system are covered as a normal part of our upgrades without charge.

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