Effortless Nesting

Effortless Nesting

Remove all the stress from cutting your parts

Cut The Right Parts

At The Right Time

For The Lowest Cost

Frustrated by a nesting strategy that:

  • Fills your bins with scrap?
  • Requires too many people to run?
  • Takes a daily toll on your sanity?

It isn't right to use so many resources for such a poor result.

Remove 90% of the effort

Automate your processes so your employees can work on more important things.

Reduce Scrap

Our intelligent system thinks about orders like you do. So it can find the best opportunities to fill your sheets.

Get Predictable Results

Computers do a better job following rules than people do. Leverage this to get a stress free result from your nesting system.

Like you, we've been around the block a few times and this is what we gained...

  • Customer relationships measured in decades
  • A full understanding of the challenges of changing nesting systems
  • A path forward for you that goes way past installation

How To Get Started

1. Pick a time to talk

2. Tell us about your needs & goals

3. Get a customized proposal

Just Starting To Consider A New System?

Our free guide can help you understand the challenges ahead.

How We Do It

All nesting systems try to put parts together like a jigsaw puzzle. We do this better than anyone , but we also go a step further.

We Layer an expert system on top of a nesting engine that can be trained to think like you do. It can pick which parts to nest, and how to manage part flow over time so that you get the parts you need without sacrificing efficiency.

How far in the future should you look to increase nesting efficiency? How many open orders can you have waiting at a machine? Should you cut this part on a more expensive material if you can make it out of scrap? These and dozens of other questions are either handled by your employees or ignored due to complexity.

Our expert system learns your rules and automatically applies them in seconds. Your part programs and nests are created automatically. Your tooling and setup are handled. Even offloading can be optimized to speed processing.

Think of the benefit your colleagues could provide if they weren’t tied to your planning and nesting systems.