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Optimation® respects our customers’ right to privacy online and off-line. We hold your detailed information in confidence.

Asking for Your Information

Optimation® is the premier provider of fabrication manufacturing solutions through the avenue of Computer Optimized Manufacturing (COM) software systems. Because customers depend upon our systems for the continuation of the daily fabrication production activities, we are often asked for assistance in the operation of our software systems. Thus we must collect detailed information about the machine tools, NC/CNC controllers and the operating methodology of the customer in order to be of the utmost help in bringing the customer’s utilization of the software to the highest level possible given the true constraints of the fabrication manufacturing environment.

Most of this information is gathered off-line (not from Internet connection) as preparation for providing a successful installation of the systems at the customer’s plant site. As we proceed to bring more of our services online over the Internet, we may well be gathering certain of the above information via communication using the Internet. Because all business relationships are performed through individuals representing the customer, we do collect information of a personal/business nature such as contact names, e-mail addresses, departments, phone numbers, etc., of the people responsible for receiving and managing the installation, testing, operation and support of the Optimation® systems.

Confidentiality of Information Collected

In all respects, all information, collected about the customer or from any of its employees responsible for the business relationship between us and the customer, will be treated as confidential and handled accordingly. Access to customer databases will be by authorized personnel only. This policy is communicated to all employees and compliance monitored.

Optimation® does not sell, rent, or give away any such information to any other companies. In the future as we expand our Internet services, we will be making contracts with various distributors to market our products. When we do so, we will insist on binding agreements from those organizations protecting our customer information.

We will gather data from our customers through surveys from time to time to use in developing high-level quality assurance policies within our company, and for the purpose of serving our customers better, and being more responsive to their needs.

“Cookies” may be used on our website. Such cookies will tag each visitor’s browser with a random, unique number. The cookie will simply assign a number but will not disclose any personal information about the company (or person) using the browser. By noting where these uniquely numbered browsers go on our website, traffic patterns can be studied to improve the website.

Because the fabrication manufacturing software systems we sell and service are very large and complex and the decision to purchase is a significant one from budgetary and operational viewpoints, we are asked many times for references of customer names as a part of due diligence research affecting the buying decision. In those cases we use only those customer names and contacts that have previously been approved by the customer as references. No other proprietary information is revealed about the customer’s fabrication manufacturing operations.

Communication with the Customer

While the Optimation® current mode of communication is directly with the customer via telephone or e-mail or via modem or Internet connection, it is the intent of Optimation® to expand its services over the Internet. All of the current communications are related to providing service for the customer. We are marketing our products and providing services for our customers over the Internet. We will use the email addresses of the contact persons using our software systems to ascertain whether or not additional features and functionality may be needed in relation to present products or whether new products may be of interest to the customer. If any customer wishes to be eliminated from receiving such marketing information, they may simply send an e-mail to “info at optimation dot com”, and ask to be removed from the marketing mail list.

Order Information Privacy and Credit Card Security

When we initiate the additional Internet services they will include commercial aspects allowing purchase-orders to be submitted and providing various methods for payments. Thus, additional information such as financial and billing may be collected (in addition to the technical information) requiring sensitive financial information to be given such as credit card data, bank account numbers, etc.

We intend to use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol to safeguard your information, including your credit card number, bank account or other financial data, during your online transactions. Other companies have reported no incidence of fraud over the use of tens of thousands of transactions using this SSL protocol. Thus, we believe it is a safe. However, we are aware that online security technology is improving and we will research such improved technology, and if it proves to be better, then we will employ it on our website. We intend to install detection software on our server to help ensure that you are using a secure browser and that your information is secure when you check-out. If our browser determines you are not using a secure browser, a message will appear at check-out.

To further protect your information once your transaction is complete, Optimation® will store your information on an off-line server stored securely behind our firewall. There will be no external access to this information and its internal access will be appropriately limited.

Optimation® Safe Shopping Guarantee

The Fair Credit Billing Act limits the credit card holder’s liability to $50 in cases of unauthorized or fraudulent charges, providing the card-holder has complied with the rules and procedures relating to fraudulent and unauthorized use. If such a fraudulent or unauthorized event occurs through no fault of your own, as a result of your purchase of Optimation® products over our website, using our secure server, and you have complied with the card issuer’s rules and procedures regarding such event, then Optimation® will cover the amount for which you are held liable up to the full $50.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, our operational practices or your dealings with Optimation®, please write to “info at optimation dot com”. This address is monitored frequently and the message forwarded to the proper authority for answer.