About Us

Our History

More than thirty years ago, Mike Lundy, PE. envisioned a company that would set the standard for nesting software automation. Throughout our history we have lead the way with numerous firsts and ongoing technology advances for manufacturers. From common edge cutting to Just-in-Time nesting to Vision Emulation and Multi-Dimensional Combinatorial Nesting, Optimation® drives technology to the next level. We have become the industry standard, leaving others to try to follow our lead.

Based in America’s heartland, we have built decades-long relationships with some of the top manufacturers with honest, committed, long-term partnerships and 24-hour support.

What We Do

Optimation develops and supports nesting and CNC part programming software for fabrication processes, which include turret punch, laser, plasma, Waterjet, router, and CNC knives. We cover the range from single-machine sites to sites with hundreds of machine tools with the highest possible automation.

Our automated approach to manufacturing solutions dates back to our beginning more than three decades ago. It is our belief that routine – and even not so routine – nest technology fabrication can be best achieved through a rules-based system that reduces not only material waste but programming time and error and keeps the manufacturer in control.

Our Partners support Optimation nesting through greater integration to all aspects of fabrication.

Who We Are

Our top-notch team knows the workings of hundreds of sheet metal nesting operations. But they realize your shop is unique and will tailor the solution accordingly. They bring real-world experience you can’t beat to your shop.

  • Our Support Engineers are real, experienced people with answers you need when you need them to your nesting questions.
  • Our Applications Engineers work with you to commission and support our technology in your fabrication facility. All variables are accounted for – even those you may not have considered or that come up later.
  • Our Application Engineers will train you and get you up to speed quickly and effectively. You’re saving money like never before with powerful fabrication nesting software.
  • Our Software Development Team is driven by customer needs.  They take your feedback seriously and focus on those solutions that will best serve your needs.
  • Optimation Visionary Leadership has for decades lead our industry with exclusive technology not available from any other source. Much of our success comes from partnering with some of the most demanding customers in the world.



Optimation® drives the direction and technology of the industry.   Our depth of understanding stems from our hands-on manufacturing experience with our large customer base with high standards.


We pioneered nesting technology in the 1970s and continues to develop new tools to make companies more profitable.  Today we are focused on our Continuous Improvement Program through the use of a new measurement tool called Primary Standards. Primary Standards are the first measurements that directly tell how workers, work centers, departments, plants and entire enterprises are contributing to the profit of the business.


Optimation continues to be the leader in advancing our industry, which is full of “me too” competitors. Our competitors have been trying to model their companies after us, with the desire to be noticed for what we have been doing for years. In every industry there are leaders and those that follow. We are proud to be the company that sets the standards for our competitors. We promise to continue our leadership so you can be assured of always having the highest level of automated productivity and cost cutting technology available to you.